FaCD Online Syndrome Fact Sheet

Last updated: 05 Aug 2008

Name: Biliary Tract Cancer, Multiple Primary Malignancies in Patients with

Tumor features

biliary tract cancer (incl. gallbladder)
cervical cancer
colorectal cancer
ovarian cancer (i.e. epithelial origin)

Tumor features (possible)

breast cancer
neuroendocrine (Merkel cell) skin carcinoma
pancreatic adenocarcinoma
testicular germ cell tumor


Su et al.[1] used SEER data to study associations of primary biliary tract cancer with other primary cancers. The relative risk (RR) of biliary tract cancer following cervical cancer was increased (2.04, 95% CI 1.02-3.64). In the reverse direction, i.e. following biliary tract cancer, RRs were increased for colorectal cancer (1.68, 1.05-2.54) and ovarian cancer (4.43, 2.29-7.74). Another study demonstrated an increased risk to develop gall bladder cancer in survivors of testicular germ cell tumors[2] and the same appears to be true for breast cancer[5]. An increased risk of biliary tract cancer at sites other than gall bladder or intrahepatic ducts has been observed in individuals who previously had been diagnosed with a Merkel cell carcinoma (SIR 7.24, 95% CI 1.46-21.16)[3]. Pancreatic cancer risk appears to be increased in patients previously diagnosed with gall bladder cancer[4].

General aspects to consider with respect to multiple primary tumors:
- Shared genetic (immune response, metabolic/hormonal/DNA-repair pathways) or non-genetic (chemical carcinogens, radiation, viruses, life-style) risk factors
- Therapy (radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal,...) related effects
- Possible bias because of increased surveillance and autopsy findings


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