FaCD Online Syndrome Fact Sheet

Last updated: 01 Nov 2011

Name: Basal Cell Nevus syndrome

Synonym: Gorlin syndrome, Gorlin-Golz syndrome, Naevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma syndrome, NBCCS

Mode of Inheritance: AD

OMIM number: 109400  


PTCH, mapped to 9q22.3
PTCH2, mapped to 1p32

Tumor features

cardiac fibroma
infundibulocystic basal cell cancer
ovarian fibroma
skin cancer, basal cell

Tumor features (possible)

breast cancer
dermoid cyst, nasal
Hodgkin disease (Hodgkin's lymphoma)
leukemia, acute lymphoblastic (ALL)
leukemia, chronic lymphocytic (CLL)
lung/bronchial cancer
melanoma, cutaneous
multiple myeloma (Kahler's disease)
nasopharyngeal rhabdomyosarcoma
non-Hodgkin lymphoma
ovarian fibrosarcoma
ovarian sarcoma (incl. pPNET of ovary)
renal cell cancer
renal fibroma
rhabdomyoma, fetal
salivary gland tumor
salivary gland, adenoid cystic carcinoma
small intestinal cancer
teratoma, benign cystic (dermoid cyst) of the ovary
thyroid adenoma
urinary bladder cancer
Wilms' tumor (nephroblastoma)

Non-tumor features

café au lait spots
epidermoid cysts
falx cerebri, calcification of
frontoparietal bossing
ionizing radiation sensitivity, increased
jaw, odontogenic keratocysts of the
nasal bridge, broad
palate, high arched
palmar pits
pectus excavatum/carinatum
plantar pits
rib anomalies
sloping shoulders
vertebral anomalies


In this disorder, multiple nevoid basal cell cancers (NBCC) typically start to appear at the age of puberty, although they have been reported to occur as early as 3 years of age. The NBCC's may manifest anywhere on the skin, but mainly on the face, neck and upper trunk. A typical facies is often present (70%), featuring frontoparietal bossing, broad nasal bridge and prognathism. Skeletal anomalies are often detected (e.g. 80 % of patients are diagnosed with keratocysts of the jaw before the age of 30), as well as palmoplantar skin pits(87 % of patients[1]. Mental deficiency occurs in a few of the cases.[1-4].

A wide range of tumors has been reported in basal cell nevus syndrome in addition to the basal cell carcinomas: Ovarian fibromas occur in frequencies ranging from 14 to over 50 %. Medulloblastoma, ages at diagnosis ranging from 2 months to 7 years, of the desmoplastic subtype[25] and especially that with extensive nodularity[27], is considered to be part of the tumor spectrum[5] and has been included as minor criterion for the disorder (see below), however, it is still relatively rare: 4 out of 105 patients studied by Kimonis et al.[1]. Cardiac fibromas[6;7] have been included as minor criterion as well. Other reported tumors include: rhabdomyosarcoma[8;9], (malignant) meningioma[1;10], astrocytoma[4;11;12], cerebellar ependymoma[1], hamartous polyps of the stomach[13], fetal rhabdomyoma[14], nasal dermoid cyst[15], NHL[4,28], ovarian dermoid cyst[4], CLL[4], ALL[12], breast cancer[4], lung cancer[4], ovarian fibrosarcoma[2] and ovarian leiomyosarcoma[23], leiomyosarcoma of the extremities[24], seminoma[16], carcinoma of the vulva[19], adenoid cystic carcinoma of the salivary glands[22], small bowel cancer[29] and others[2]. Rhabdomyosarcoma and Wilms tumor was diagnsed in a girl with a deletion of 9q22-q32 which included the PTCH gene[20].

Patients with the syndrome have an increased risk to develop secondary tumors in the field of radiation treatment. A conservative estimate for the new mutation rate in basal cell nevus syndrome is 14 %[4]. Fukushima et al[21]reported the occurrence of a meningioma after radiation tratment for a medulloblastoma.

The gene for basal cell nevus syndrome has been identified as the human homologue of the Drosophila patched gene[17;18]. In some cases PTCH2 mutations underly the syndrome[26].

Diagnostic Criteria:
two major diagnostic criteria or one major and two minor diagnostic criteria should be present.

  • Major:
  • 1) Multiple basal cell carcinomas, or one under the age of 30 years, or > 10 basal cell nevi. In a sunny climate these numbers should be higher (not further specified)
  • 2) Histologically proven odontogenic keratocyst, or polyostotic bone cyst
  • 3) >3 palmar and/or plantar pits
  • 4) Calcification of the falx cerebri: lamellar or early (< 20 years)
  • 5) First-degree relative with nevoid basal cell carcinomas

  • Minor:
  • 1) Congenital skeletal anomaly: bifid, fused, splayed or missing rib or fused vertebrae
  • 2) Macrocephaly (occipitofrontal circumference > 97th centile) with bossing
  • 3) Cardiac or ovarian fibroma
  • 4) Medulloblastoma
  • 5) Lymphomesenteric cysts
  • 6) Congenital malformation: cleft lip and/or palate, polydactyly, eye anomaly (cataract, coloboma, microphthalmia)


BCCNS Life Support Network 18 1 08
Gorlin syndrome support group 18 1 08


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