FaCD Online Syndrome Fact Sheet

Last updated: 03 May 2012

Name: Carney-Stratakis syndrome

Synonym: Carney-Stratakis dyad, Paraganglioma-Gastric Stromal Sarcoma dyad

Mode of Inheritance: AD

OMIM number: 606864  


SDHB, mapped to 1p36.1-p35
SDHC, mapped to 1q21
SDHD, mapped to 11q23

Tumor features

gastric stromal sarcoma
gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)
paraganglioma, chromaffin (extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma)
paraganglioma, nonchromaffin (incl.: glomus tumor/chemodectoma)


Carney and Stratakis reported familial clustering of paraganglioma and gastric stromal sarcoma distinct from sporadic cases with Carney triad. Subsequently, germline mutations in the genes associated with familial paraganglioma were detected in this type of families.[2,3]. Negative immunohistochemistry for SDHB is a feature of the gastric stromal tumors in Carney-Stratakis syndrome as well as in the sporadic Carney Triad[4].


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