FaCD Online Syndrome Fact Sheet

Last updated: 03 Jul 2009

Name: Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus syndrome

Synonym: Bean syndrome, BRBNS

Mode of Inheritance: AD/ spor

OMIM number: 112200  

Tumor features

gastrointestinal polypoid hemangiomas
hepatic hemangioma
joint capsules, hemangioma in
lung hemangioma
splenic hemangioma
subcutaneous hemangioma

Tumor features (possible)

leukemia, chronic lymphocytic (CLL)
renal cell cancer

Non-tumor features

cutaneous nevi , hemangiomatous (blue rubber blebs)


The hallmarks of this disease are the presence of multiple bladder-like hemangiomas (blue rubber blebs) on the skin, especially on the trunk and arms. The intestinal polypous hemangiomas may cause severe bleeding and obstruction. Hemangiomas may be found in a wide range of tissues (spleen, lungs, joint capsules etc.)[1-3,6-8].

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (at age 66) and renal cell cancer (at age 57) was reported in a male with this disorder[4]. Medulloblastoma was reported in a 21-year old affected woman[5]. Osteoid osteomas have been reported in a BRBNS patient as well[9].

This condition may be identical to Familial Venous Malformation Syndrome


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